Sanskrit Chanting Mastery

(a sequel to "Complete Sanskrit Pronunciation") 


An online SUPER-course

that will make a difference

you always wanted!


When you try to chant Sanskrit are you still stumbling, the words don't flow, and you lose confidence?

If this describes you, don't worry - you are not the only one facing this, as there are thousands of people - followers of all kinds of yoga, yoga instructors, bhakti students and teachers, etc - who would love to learn or improve their Sanskrit chanting skill to create a deeper connection with what they practice.

You are lucky to have come here, because I firmly believe that I can help youjust as I helped hundreds of other people from all over the world in the last 15 or so years.

I started learning Sanskrit 20 years ago and it became my main occupation since 2005 (I am a Sanskrit translator and editor for the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust).

I lived most of this time in India, listening to and imbibing Sanskrit pronunciation and chanting from the carriers of the tradition. I also run two Youtube channels related to Sanskrit - "Sanskrit Sense" & "Sanskrit Strings"


People always kept coming to me for help, with questions like -

"How to chant this mantra, this shloka?"

"Is there a traditional melody for this verse?"

"How can you chant so fluently and accurately?"

I seriously thought of sharing all that I know with everyone who has the same curiosity, zeal, and faith in Sanskrit chanting. So, in 2020, after creating my first course - Complete Sanskrit Pronunciation - I came up with this, second amazing course - Sanskrit Chanting Mastery, which is a single stop for anyone who is familiar with Sanskrit pronunciation, but wishes to go forward and become a master of Sanskrit chanting.


I'm sure this is something you've been waiting for long, but simply couldn't find ANYWHERE...

And I know why - because there is no second such course that would give you everything you need

under one "roof", in the most digestible, visual way:


- understanding Sanskrit verse meters

- multiple traditional ways to sing them

- secrets of pronunciation adjustment

- step-by-step "walkthroughs" of famous chants

- personal feedback from the instructor

The course contains:

- more than 12 hours of video material (150+ videos!)

- 70+ traditional melodies

- 18 stotras & 100+ carefully analysed examples

- homework assessments & individual guidance

- LIFELONG access

- 30-day money-back guarantee



I'm sure what you've read so far sounds exciting!

Well, why not you just preview some videos directly from the course, so you have a direct experience of what it's gonna feel like -

And before you enrol, I want you to remember this:

what you are going to learn is something you will VALUE and BENEFIT others with for the rest of your life!


Hope to serve you soon, Om tat sat!