Sanskrit Sense is a project that was started by me, Nityānanda Dāsa (Artjoms Hvans) in 2019. The goal of Sanskrit Sense is to help people like you to explore Sanskrit and delve deeper into some if its aspects. The courses cover correct Sanskrit pronunciation, Sanskrit chanting skills, and Sanskrit grammar, and already have a few hundred appreciative students from around 40 countries. I love Sanskrit, having lived in each corner of its land for more than half of my life, among the people who speak it, chant it, and carry on its great culture. I sincerely hope that you too will take interest in the learning programs that Sanskrit Sense provides. 


My journey to this was as follows: 


I was born in Latvia (now part of Europe) in 1982, as Artjoms Hvans. At the age of 17, I embraced the path of bhakti-yoga by joining the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON). Shortly after that I came to India (on a one-way ticket!) to explore its ancient traditions, languages and culture. I spent five amazing years in the South India, Tamil Nadu in particular, studying and teaching Vedic scriptures, practicing ashrama life, travelling to numerous holy places, and meeting many spiritually and culturally advanced people and teachers. After that, in 2005, I joined the Śrīmad-Bhāgavata Vidyāpīṭha, a school of Sanskrit in the North Indian town Govardhan, where I was thoroughly trained in Sanskrit grammar and other related disciplines by the late Śrī Gopīparāṇadhāna Dāsa and Śrī Matsya Avatāra Dāsa.

After serving as a teacher in the same Vidyāpīṭha for a couple of years after graduation, I fully switched to professional Sanskrit translation and editing for the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust, a famous publisher of Vaishnava scriptures around the world, which I do until today. Presently I live with my wife and children in Vadodara (Gujarat, India). We are fond of Krishna-bhakti, astanga-yoga, swimming, singing and playing guitar, and making pizza!